We are very glad to inform You that we are  a Professional Firm that it has aligned its itself with the very best in providing financial, legal, accounting, and marketing expertise. Our team includes not only those within our office but we have great alliances with other professionals and firms to empower to make informed, strategic decisions.

The Studio Cianitto & Partners is a consultant firm for foreign companies that are interested in locating in Marche and in Italy. It responds to inward investment enquires from all over the world and supports foreign companies expanding within the regtion, identifying location opportunities to directly assigning facilities, provviding advice on the choise of tax incentives, assisting them in the relationships with the Public Administration, in order to complete all the procedures to start up business and also continuing to ensure them its services after their location.

The Studio Cianitto & Partners can be the new single reference point in Italy and in the Region of Marche, for You and for foreign entrepeneurs wishing to set up a business in Italy.


We hope that You are interested in this professional Partnership, (cianittopiergiorgio@tin.it).